Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Extreme Kites redux

Our new friend April, sent me a couple more pictures from the maiden flight on June 28th, 2009. Also, Rob Autrey sent the one long one down there, and promises to send more!

I'm ashamed to say that i've owed Daryl Drown the owner of Extreme Kites in St. Augustine this kite since January, and for one reason or another just have not had a chance to get it out to him. It's done now and i was able to fly it, and what a beauty! I was only able to call about two people before folks started showing up to ask about the kite!

The tails, the tails! Probably that was the biggest attention getter on this kite. What's strange is that the signature look of Jordan AirForms was born of my frustration with putting tails on kites i'd spent so much time on, only to have passer byes gush all over the tails. Rather than fight that trend, i decided to embrace it and go tail crazy, which is how i came up with the patented twin tapered tail design on these kites. There may have been a few long tails before mine, but they were usually one at a time, and for sure not tapered.

The tails on this kite are custom with the wave theme repeated just after the leading edge of the opening in black over white swelling into a significant bulge with three fins on each bulge, then continuing white towards the tip, and then in a progression turning back black again at the end. Each tail is just over 100'.

The kite itself has Daryl's low key logo on the bottom in white on a black background. I free hand drew this as my overhead projector has gone missing(whoever borrowed it, bring it back!). The flairs and side ribs have swoops appliqued on them to further the wave motif. Inside all the ribs are red with a leading edge of black to keep continuity. The red ribs makes a nice glow when back lit.

As usual there are little construction techniques all over the place that set this kite apart and of course with the horrible wind we often get here, we really saw how well the kite performed on Sunday. The wind was gusty and wild, but once the kite was above the trees(and 13th street)she was flying very stable and sweet with the tails dancing all over the place!
It's always such a joy to fly in public, as you never know who you are going to meet. We met up with April, who is a free lance photographer this fine day, and she managed to get a picture of us flying in the Alligator the local student newspaper here. Thanks April!

Finally, here it is, ready to go!

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