Saturday, March 21, 2009

Copy Kites

This is something that has gone on forever, but if anyone thinks that it is not something that effects us all, they really have never had it happen to them.

I make kites and derive my entire living from kiting. When a design i created is copied, several things happen right away.

One, and foremost, i just lost a sale.

Two, the power of my origination is diluted. That is to say for those who don't know who originated the design, the idea or concept of ownership has been brought into question. Now the thief knows what he/she stole. The buyer may not.

Three, if the copy is poor in quality, it reduces the overall quality of the kite pool which then starts the downward spiral of loss of quality all around. If the sale price is low, it will make the uneducated think that the originator my have taken advantage of them.

People say, well how can we tell, and why shouldn't i buy a cheaper kite if i can, and all sorts of rationalizations.

It's not that hard to find out if something is wrong. If the deal seams way to good to begin with that should raise a flag. If you've never heard of the people or company that is a tip off.

Most of the people making kites today have been doing it for well over 20 years. New designs and designers are encouraged.

Copies stifle innovation.

Please, please don't mention patents and copyrights. While my designs are all copyrighted, legally, they give me very little protection. Mostly my designs are protected by the amazing people in the market. Some copies do get made and passed along, but overall we've had amazing luck with our designs, but not all.

I may at a later date expose some of the thieves and let the court of public opinion speak to it, though many folks have many varied opinions on the subject.

Make no mistake, those who steal know it, and those who have had their designs stolen, know it too!

If anyone for one second thinks that the Octopus Kites that our being made by the company KEWO is not a direct copy to Peter Lynn's Octopus, well, you really don't know what it's like to have the food taken off your table.

Here's a link from David Gomberg's site.

Here's one of the blatant offenders.

Also a discussion here.

More soon no doubt!