Saturday, April 4, 2009

New World Record!

Date line April 3th, 2009Ivanpah Dry Lake, Primm NVStateLine Nevada.

On Friday the 3rd day of April, on a very windy day, Arjen van der Tol a dutch rider sponsored by Libre Power Kites, riding an Xxtreme Apexx Buggy , while flying a 3.3 Spirit kite, shattered the old record shared by himself and Luc Stanek.
Mr. van der Tol had set the bar fairly high one day earlier by tying the old record held by many years by Luc Stanek at 72.8 mph.
Using four(4)gps units for accuracy and redundancy, the North American Buggy eXpo recognizes Mr. van der Tol's amazing feet of 124 kph or 77.05 mph!
On Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed in the Mojave Desert where many wind land speeding records have been set and broken, it was just March 26th, 2009 on the same lake bed where Richard Jenkins a brit, in his Greenbird wind powered speedster went 126.1 mph, shattering the old record of 116mph set ten years ealier by the Iron Duck at 116mph.
What Arjen van der Tol did, might be even more of a feet however when you consider he did it riding a three wheel kite buggy, steering with his feet, while harnessed to a four line kite flying from handles! Dressed in Moto-cross gear with streamlined helmet, wearing what many in the sport call perma-grin Mr. van der Tol was elated to learn he had gone so fast, as his gps was obscured by dust. He wasn't sure till he rolled to a stop in front of a cheering crowd of enthusiast who had just witnessed his amazing feet as he bullet trained across the playa floor.
We wish Arjen and his team mates all the best of luck with future conquests and look forward to seeing him and many others come back to this BLM administered public property to try and top the record, but imagine that it might take quite a bit more luck and skill to go this fast with just the wind and a small kite!

This is the gps set up
with one on the seat tube so the pilot can see it. This was a shot just before the record, as they are all reading 121!

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